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Precision Laser Cutting & Fabrication
About Us

Since 2003, we have been designing, laser cutting, and bending high quality precision parts that exceed the needs of our customers.  From the wide ranging needs of NASCAR to the stability and repeatability required by our high volume customers, they all state that quality with quick turnarounds brings them back to Laser Dynamics. 

More Capability Added!

In 2012 we have added more press brake capability with the addition of a Trumpf 7036 ultra-high precision, 6-axis backgauge, totally electric brake. Known as the fastest press brake in the world, it increases our throughput capability while maintaining our emphasis on quality.

In 2013 we complimented our Trumpf 7036 brake with a new 130 ton, 10 foot, Trumpf 5130 press brake with a 6-axis backgauge.   Trumpf is known worldwide as one of the finest press brakes made.

In 2014 we added a Lissmac/Steelmaster three-head deburring/finishing machine to address the increase volume of aluminum and stainless steel parts we are cutting.   This machine completely deburrs the parts while leaving a much nicer finish on the end product.

In 2015 we increased our capacity by adding a Trumpf 3030 4000W Fiber laser.  This unit cuts 3/16" and thinner materials much quicker with the same or better quality and allows us to cut brass and copper.

In 2017 we added another Trumpf 7036 brake and  two Lissmac deburring/finishing machine to address the large amounts of aluminum and stainless steel parts we cut.

In 2021 we added a Trumpf 3030 10,000W Fiber laser and a Trumpf 7050 electric press brake with a 6-axis backgauge.